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    Perfume "Oh my dog!" 100ml -  2+1 free
    Perfume "Oh my dog!" 100ml -...
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    Perfume "Oh my dog!" 100ml -  2+1 free
    Perfume "Oh my dog!" 200ml - 2...
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    Ajustable safety car belt for...
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    Perfume "Oh my dog!"
    Perfume for dogs "Oh my dog!"
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    O'TOM ® TICK TWISTER ® Original Tick remover, set of 2
    O'TOM ® TICK TWISTER ® Original...
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    Adhesive protective case and brush - OH MY DOG
    Adhesive protective case and...
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    Pet feeding bottle for dogs and cats - 500ml
    Pet feeding bottle for dogs and...
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    Flashing safety dog collar
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    Flashing safety dog leash
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    Red Collar - STRASS
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    Hello Kitty Bag Everyday, transport small dog or cat
    Hello Kitty Bag Holliday -...
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SHAMPOO FOR DOGS - GROOMING PRODUCTS - COSMETICS Shampoo for even the most gentle human baby does not suit the dog, it attacks the dog's skin, the risk of irritation, dryness and cause redness and itching. Must ulitiser shampoo specially formulated for the dog's skin. Tip: After washing your dog, thoroughly rinse your dog with warm water and this for several minutes to leave no residue of shampoo. Dry it by rubbing with a towel. You can use a hair dryer at low temperatures not too near him for not damage the hair. Dry shampoo (foam, ...) is to use for a dog that does not support the water or in quick wash (travel, expo ...) The professional brands of shampoo Shampoo Shampoo Vivog Dog Generation Oh My Dog Shampoo IdéalPlant Technivet Shampoo Bio Shampoo Hery Make your choice: dry shampoo, shampoo color shampoo, insect repellant, paratiside Shampoo, Shampoo bristle hair silky, white hair, Shampoo universal Shampoo with seaweed, chamomile, honeysuckle, Jojoba ...
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